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Book Illustrations: The Oldest storytelling format and still the coolest

Did you know that humans have an attention span of less than 3 seconds?

Yep, that’s less than a goldfish.

For one of the most successful animals on the planet, this is kind of strange. But also embarrassing.

However, the fact remains that no matter how great your content and ideas are – unless they are communicated in the most wonderful, captivating, memorable way, your content is as good as non-existent.


But the fact is, we’ve got to play by the rules of humankind.
By the rules of our market.
And most importantly, by the rules of our readers.

Now to become a talked-about author, the first thing is to be a read author, ie, the one whose books people have read, loved and just can’t stop talking about.

This is the TikTok generation we are living in.
This is the Instagram generation we are living in.

We can’t just talk like it’s the 1970s or worse, 1570s.

Books still fire up people’s imaginations like very few other media can.
And illustrations are the best way to bring your characters to life.

And this is where your unique position comes in.
Your wonderful ideas can fire up the hearts of so many.

Let your books be bejewelled with illustrations that people just can’t get out of their heads. And together with text and illustrations, you can take the reader into your world.

What an enriching experience that would be for your reader!

From Cave Paintings to Children’s Books to Self-Help

They perfectly fit in with all genres of books, be it self-help, history, lifestyle or our dear darling- fiction.

And you will be surprised to know that …

…Illustrations are not new to us.

Our history with illustrations goes way back into the caves. Remember paintings of hunting animals and people dancing in caves?


We have been using illustrations to communicate thoughts and ideas for longer than we realize. It was the preferred way back then, and believe me, the human brain hasn’t changed much!

Now we know why there are more “cave paintings” and less “cave text”? 😛

As our relationship with pictures is older than that with text, it makes complete sense for us to connect easily with pictures. Of course, you know your readers to have an “old-school” relationship with your books!

You’ve got such a rich vault of illustration styles to choose from. White Magic Studios can help you with a range of digital illustrations that goes from 2D images to life-like 3D art.

All you need is an idea.

An illustrator can add wings of imagination, to your ideas and create beautiful graphical ways of taking your words to the reader.

From character sketches to places of action, illustrations can completely revamp the reading experience! Check out books illustrated by our team at White Magic Studios- this and this

There is something for everyone…

If you are a children’s book writer, and you want to take the kids on a fantastical journey…

To set scenes…to build a world with your words.

And now that you have gotten the glimpse of how magic happens, take some time and imagine your own book with illustrations. Imagine how much more alive it will become if it has high-quality illustrations that will easily take your readers into your story – a world they wouldn’t want to come out of.

You can speak to us if you’d like to design your illustrations with us.

Let us bring life to your books..

Start by designing us with, and if you design 12 or more illustrations, we will create an end to end book for you. How’s that for support? 🙂