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How to Create a Book Cover

How to Create a Book Cover?

The book covers play a significant role in connecting with the readers. Today’s readers are more inclined towards picking a book if they’re driven by the cover design. The creators of the book thus have to exhibit the prudence of their creative spree while designing the book cover whether for hard copies, paperbacks and eBooks. …

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Self-Published Books

5 Famous Self-Published Books

Publishing a book is a dream of most writers eager to reach out to readers who would read and appreciate their works. Often some enthusiasts become “accidental writers” and utilize an opportunity to print the randomly scribbled manuscript in the form of a book! Fortunately, many of them created history by selling millions of copies …

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Benefits of Self Publishing

4 Benefits of Self Publishing

In the tug of war between self-publishing and traditional publishing the viable reasons will always support the former option. From debutant authors to successful authors, they stand in favour of self publishing books UK or anywhere else enjoying the freedom of creativity and fast printing or eBook publishing on Amazon or any such platform.  From children’s books …

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