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How To Get a Book Published in The UK?

If you’re on the verge of publishing a new book in the UK, you have multiple options open for that. According to a recent report at The Guardian, every year more than 3,000 copies of manuscripts are accumulated by the publishing houses in the UK. To avoid the rat race and cut off the prolonged wait, you can move ahead to self-publish your new book. Start your journey by shortlisting a few leading self-book publishers in London with excellent reviews of their former clients. By providing satisfactory services and by showcasing versatility, most self-publishing agencies in the UK are winning the reliance of budding authors. Hopefully, in the recent past, the rate of bestselling authors doing self-publishing has also increased.

Check out some steps you need to follow when getting your book published in the UK—

Hire a self-publishing agency 

Start with hiring a self-publishing agency as they are formed by a team of exceptionally talented individuals with hands-on experience in publishing multiple bestsellers.

Go through their testimonials published by former clients expressing their deep gratitude towards the self-publishing agencies for guiding them in the best possible manner.

Make sure that the self-publishing agency is experienced in printing a book of the same genre as yours previously. It helps them to gel well with an author of the genre in which they have already worked multiple times before.

If you are interested in Self Publishing on Amazon, see whether the agency can offer you a similar service or not. Amazon provides a great platform to not only sellers but also authors seeking the perfect online space where they can publish their eBooks as well as paperbacks and hard copies to readers of equal disposition.

Check out the services they offer under the same roof. The agency should take pride in the professionals they have onboard offering iconic book cover designs, editing, layout designs, ghostwriting, eBook conversion and so on. Despite these services, you should also have to focus on marketing your new book for which collaborating with an animated explainer video agency will be the best way to promote your book.

Publish with Amazon Kindle Self-publishing 

Go for Amazon kindle self publishing or Amazon KDP, an outstanding platform for new and bestselling authors seeking to publish their eBook formats. However, you have the option to publish a printed book on Amazon also.

Most new and bestselling authors are found to publish their eBooks first on Amazon or on any other online platform to understand the acceptance of the storytelling, concept, theme, etc. of the book. After a couple of weeks, they declare the paperback publishing or start pre-booking the printed copies.

Leave room for crowdfunding

The aim is to depend on the crowdfunding. As publishing a printed copy demands enormous funds, having the option of crowdfunding through opening the pre-booking session helps self-publishing authors to a wide extent.

It can take an incredible turn if you’re already a noted author and have a growing fan base. Mostly, the series writers receive more crowd funding as they manage to make their readers glued to their books.

Designing the cover- Front, Spiral & Back

Whether you are publishing an eBook or a printed book, focusing on designing the covers is essential. Team up with a designer with experience to create covers for bestselling books in the UK. To make your book more appealing to the readers, let the designer pen a cover for your eBook as well as the printed books. The eBook covers don’t require spiral or back covers, but the printed books do.

Discuss your project freely with the book cover designer in the first place and offer them ample information on the characters and the plot so that they can create the most creative book cover designs including the front, spiral and the back of the printed books.

Work on strategic marketing of the book

A newly launched book needs strategic promotion. Start the journey before the printed books are launched at the bookstores. Create a website and keep posting the trailers of the book. Post interviews on your social media pages and offer giveaways to the first ten to twenty buyers. This is the era of digital marketing thus, touting the book will be perfectly done under expert supervision.