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Romantic novels: how to write?

Romance novels continually top New York Times best-selling charts. Since times immemorial, romantic stories keep us pleased and happy. These stories are optimistic, aspirational and provide escapism from the harsh reality.

Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice is a classic example of a very successful romantic novel. The British publisher, Mills and Boon published a number of popular romantic novels. 

The subgenres of romance novels are defined by the story’s timeframe, plot, elements, and location.

  • Contemporary Romance.
  • Historical romance
  • Romantic suspense.
  • Inspirational romance.
  • Paranormal romance.
  • Science-fiction romance.
  • Fantasy romance.
  • Time-travel romance.
  • Multi-cultural romance.
  • Erotic romance.
  • Young adult.

Romantic novels have two guiding principles- a central love story and an optimistic ending. To begin with, you need to bring two people together regardless of genre. They should notice each other. Then you apply chemistry. 

The basic contents a romantic novel usually has are:

  • A sympathetic heroine: The heroine must be strong but not hard; vulnerable but not weak; intelligent, ethical, interesting, beautiful, human, likeable.
  • The hero has to be strong and irresistible: He should be strong but not over-bearing; vulnerable, capable, good-looking, fascinating, intelligent.
  • Emotional conflict: The boy and the girl should be kept separate due to some complicated but believable emotional tension.
  • The plot should be realistic: A logical, credible and interesting plot should be the canvas of their emotional journey.
  • A happy ending: The stories should have a happy ending; which is a reward of unconditional love.

Throughout history, as women’s role has expanded in the real world; there’s a change in depicting the female character as well in novels. Heroines of today of varying ages, are more nuanced, have careers in male-dominated industries & the heroes are gentler than in the past.

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