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Self Publisher-what Should Be Your Enquiry With the Publishing Houses

Are you ready with the manuscript of your first book!

Wondering what will be better- self-publishing a book or approaching the traditional ones!

After you have reached at a conclusion here; the confusions still persists- at a loss to understand which particular publishing house will be best for you!

Not all traditional houses’ rules are the same. Nor are the terms same; for the other publishers who help self-publishers like White Magic Studios.

The publishing company which you choose should be a great advisor and guide for your book’s development. It should be one that’s fully devoted to help your project grow into a successful one.

Simple! You have to ask some questions to yourselves and some to the publishing houses to arrive at a decision of which will be more beneficial. Put out these enquiries with them to conclude what’s best for you:

How to Negotiate a Publishing Contract

  1. Are there things they would like to change in your book? 
  2. What will they do in terms of marketing the book? Will they dictate how to promote it?
  3. Do you, as author, have any say in title and cover design? Publishers who support self-publishers such as White Magic Studios will ask for your opinion. They may advise you only if you ask for it.

You should look out for these in your contract:

  1. How will payments be distributed?
  2. What is your royalty percentage?  (Usually traditional houses will fetch you very less)
  3. Are there any bonuses in the contract when sales hit a certain target?
  4. Who owns foreign rights, rights to other media & copyright?
  5. When will the final manuscript be due?
  6. What happens, if the book goes out of print or the publisher goes out of business? 

After you are satisfied with their responses, go ahead with your project. Both traditional publishers and the ones supporting self-publishers have their pros and cons.

When an author wishes to publish and deliver his/her own work—usually via a self-publishing platform—this is known as self-publishing. Self-publishing gives you complete autonomy and independence with your own inventive project.

With the advent of self-publishing, indie authors are now able to break through the barriers erected by the traditional publishing industry. No longer does a pile of rejection letters determine the fate of our books. Self-publishing can provide a workaround that allows anyone to pursue a shot at authorship.

Unlike the common belief that self-publishing houses do not provide any marketing support; some publishers like White Magic Studios help with books’ self-publishing by making it available on Amazon and leading online book shops on demand. Also some copies of your book will be available with the largest libraries.

Most standard self-publishers offer an on-demand package and prints books whenever there is an order, even if it’s one copy. “This saves warehousing costs.

But it is highly advisable for a first-timer or not so popular yet- author to go with self-publishing. Look for a self-publisher who will be able to walk you through the process. 

These book designers like White Magic Studios offer everything: from a reader- friendly layout to designing a book; fact-checking and proof-reading; creating info-graphics and designing illustrations; helping with the book-covers and processing into print; all at very economic rates. Now that you know the many benefits of self-publishing, it’s time to access the support you’ll need. White Magic Studios not only provides a wide range of editing and book design services but is a book illustration agency as well.