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What are the Reasons for the Growing Popularity of eBook Conversion?

When you are planning to self-publish your next book, you might be planning to convert book to ebook to deal with the rising popularity of eBook readers. We are now breathing in a digital world. Here, despite the millennials, readers belonging to the other generations are interested in reading their favourite book from a device such as a smartphone or Kindle over carrying paperback. 

If you are concerned about reaching out to your targeted eBook readers, connecting with an expert ebook conversion professional would be essential. Let the expert help you transform your manuscript into an eBook version that you can sell on Amazon or via any seller of your choice. 

The rising popularity of other digitised versions of books- Audiobooks

Besides the rising popularity of eBooks, other digitised versions of books particularly audiobooks are getting popular with time. Many book lovers are enjoying listening to their favourite books while on the go. The creators are often found appointing celebrities to read the sections of the main characters of the novels or stories to drive more readers to shop for their audiobooks. 

Let’s get back to the reasons for the growing popularity of eBook conversions and why being a writer, you should also consider converting your book into an eBook—

Hundreds of books in one device

Digital book readers prefer carrying their devices like Kindle while travelling or even keeping them in their bags to start reading the bookmarked page whenever they get some free time. Whether it’s a Kindle, a general tablet, or a smartphone that they use to store their downloaded eBooks- the readers get the opportunity to have hundreds of books in a single device that is unimaginable for paperback readers. 

If you target these readers, consider converting your book into an eBook to offer them the opportunity to read your book with equal ease. Moreover, the eBook versions are reaching the bestseller status faster. Contact a book studio now offering the best eBook conversion and ebook cover design services to connect with more target audiences much before the launch of the paperback or hardcover versions of your new book.

Easy to carry & accessible 

The eBook readers enjoy the easy portability of their favourite books, whether in a Kindle, tablet or smartphone. They can also read eBooks on their laptops. eBooks are Eye-friendly and affordable.

Quick updates

With standard internet connectivity, updating the books, as well as, the devices are also possible. Readers hardly have to worry about current updates as normally the devices are connected with a decent internet connection.

Think about collaborating with an eBook converting team that is going to take care of not only the conversion of your book into HTML or any other version but will also use creative ebook cover design to lure the attention of your potential readers. 

Connect with the best ebook cover creator from a reputed self-publishing company or a book publishing studio now if you want more readers to have their copies in eBook versions, and the analytics results keep on impressing you.