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Quest for Revenge

Dynamics is the new statics. So is the dynamic e-book- the future of the book industry

Hello writers!   Knock!! Knock!!

This is a wake-up call. See around yourself and you’ll realize that you are in a fast-paced world. Ways are changing! Really fast…

There’s a lot going on between Covid-19, market slump and lock down. Despite these, we can still find a way out. We can turn adversities into opportunities.

Youngsters and oldies are getting back to reading. Yeah!!! Reading a lot. Surprised?

Due to the ample time on hand, facilitated by the pandemic; the statistics indicate a rise in the number of books bought. Thanks to Covid-19. (I wouldn’t ever want it to happen again.) Nevertheless, one should try to make the best out of any situation.

You must be wondering; when basic needs, such as food was difficult to procure, how could one manage to buy books? E-books were the solution, my dear. Reading of e-books has accelerated. And so did the number of readers; both young and more matured ones.

The tech-savvy youth of today, who cared less about reading are impressed by e-books. The traditional readers who always read the paper paged books, also shifted to e-books, for their numerous benefits.

Would you like to understand, why e-books are more sought after than the traditional books.

  • Advantage of space: The whole library is squeezed into a tiny space of a tablet, kindle laptop etc. In short it’s light on space.
  • Light weighted: E-books have an edge over the traditional books in the context of weight also. A few grams is the weight of thousands of reading material. Readers love the light-weighted-ness.
  • Ease of portability: The most intriguing feature of e-books is their portability. Readers can carry and read them anywhere, even on the go.
  • Eco-friendly: The biggest advantage of e-books over paper books is that; no cutting of trees is required. So we contribute to the earth and the human kind in a way by publishing e-books.
  • E-books cost lesser: E-books are priced 50% to 60% lesser than its counterpart. This is because no shipping & handling charges are necessary. Hence, readers tend to buy e-books more to take care of their wallets.
  • More flexible: Font size, background colour etc. can be adjusted according to one’s own comfort.So, reading is more pleasurable and it’s easier on the eyes too.
  • More interesting: E-books may contain 3D illustrations which makes them more interesting. Conversion to e-book facilitates audio & video illustrations to be inserted in e-books; which makes reading a more enjoyable experience.
  • Immediate delivery: At the click of a mouse, they are available on tabs, Kindle, lap-tops. No waiting time is necessary for urgent research works or for reading that sequel; you have been impatiently waiting for.
  • Option to write large volumes: Authors can write large volumes without compromising on the creativity/expression. Authors need not worry about the cost of publication.
  • Page markers, passage markers: In an e-book, readers can mark their favourite passages & sentences; save pages and search text; before, during or after he has read; so he can locate them easily. Thus it is very reader friendly.
  • Increased audience:  Due to so many benefits of being an audience to e-books, the readers prefer them over the traditional ones. Hence the graph of e-book sales moves upwards. This generates increased profits for you, authors.

E-book promotes reading. People spend hours glued to the screen. One should understand the needs of the new world of books and flow with the tide. We need to accept that e-books are the new reality.

Would you still stick to only traditional paper books? I’m sure you will definitely like your books published as e-books.