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Avail Exclusive services provided by best publishing houses within a reasonable budget

When you finish writing for a children’s book, do you wonder? – “Should I go for self-publishing  or will it be a better option if I try my luck with traditional publishing houses?” Many may advise you to stick to self-publishing. And they are correct.

But,“Look before you leap.”

You have to understand the pros and cons of self-publishing to make a wise choice. It may happen that despite all the efforts and expenditure, you are dejected that the sales didn’t happen as expected. Choose a publisher who will do all the grooming that your book needs, for an effortless sales.

Let us take illustrations for example. Children simply love Illustrations, within the book and on the cover. Book designing is an important part of children book. Book designers ignite a happy feeling in kids through these illustrations. But you will have to employ a resource for this, cos you aren’t meant to illustrate.

Anthony Browne rightly said, “The Illustrations in picture books are the first paintings most children see, and because of that, they are incredibly important. What we see and share at that age stays with us for life.”

Illustrations on the cover of books have the same effect as well. It impresses the little ones and remains in his/her memory for a long period of time. So you own it to the kids to let them grow into wonderful human beings.

Moreover, money is important. Come on, let’s admit it. Maybe that spark on a child’s face may supply your soul with immense joy. But wouldn’t you agree that money is as important as well? So, opting for a world class children’s book illustrator will be an intelligent decision.

Why is a publishing house a necessity for a self-publication author’s support?

  • Stress free

Publishing a book from White Magic Studios allows you to be free from all the nitty-gritty of self-publishing. Designing book covers for children, finding a children’s book illustrator, conversion to e-books, social media marketing, deciding the layout of the book, creating a book trailer; are all available under the same umbrella in such a reputed publishing house.

  • Visibility

Your book will have a wider visibility due to great expertise and resources that these publishers provide. You will enjoy a wider distribution of your network. So you enjoy a higher author platform.

  • Deals

Publishers who help self-publishers, give a good deal on the whole package of making a book successful. If you approach such a publisher who also facilitates printing, marketing children’s book, book cover illustrations and lots more; you will crack a good deal. These can be taken care of by a caring publishing house such as White Magic Studios. With them you are assured of the whole royalty unlike other houses who deter self-publishing.

  • A good support system

A team of the best professionals who can help you to make your creation a hit, is readily available to you withpublishing housessuch as White magic Studios. Their marketing strategy will help your children’s books to be the best sellers cos they are the best children book illustrators as well.

  • Time-saving

Authors, specially the new ones are rejected many times over before they manage to land a book deal with a traditional big publishing house. It is fast-tracked with a publisher who assists self-publishers.

  • Creativity is not controlled by publishers

An author can retain his creativity through self-publishing through houses such as White Magic Studios which is otherwise restricted by big publishers.

Hence, you soon become a household name in this partnership. You can increase your audience of the little ones.

An added bonus will be the increased sales & an enhanced popularity. Your book will soon move up the charts and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the young ones.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity of being powered and backed by an expert team of White Magic Studios.