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Why best sellers’ books are free of errors and why shouldn’t yours be?

What do you prefer: a smooth ride or a bumpy one?

Do you want to watch your movie with no buffering or with lots of disturbances?

Of course, everyone loves a smooth ride and a movie with no buffering. An error-free reading is just like one. The readers will have the best possible adventure. 

“We are give you, batter advantege then ,others. Accept us to provide you A Class quality. You’re literature is too much , very, extremely important. They’re will be no arrors U rilax well kurect tham.”

Well, what did you encounter in the above paragraph? Isn’t it utter disgust? Though we know that you wouldn’t commit such grave omissions. It’s an extreme example. Yet, slight mistakes are human, you’d say. 

The reader doesn’t agree with that. No one likes work, littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Nevertheless, when you are writing large texts, the mind can get clogged and play a few tricks on grammar. 

Have you ever looked forward to reading a book, only to feel annoyed? When you discovered that it’s full of typos and errors, weren’t you disgusted? I mean, reading a book is sacred and how dare anything ruin the experience! 

Why then, are these reading stuff, which are poorly made, even published?

It’s because, some writers do not see the value in hiring a professional proofreader. Moreover, deadlines, economic issues, being casual are some of the other reasons.

Fact: No sales despite a very good plot.

Result: All the efforts, time, energy and even money invested in writing an excellent story, just goes into vain.

Why should you use proofreading services?

  • It is observed, that if an author gets too much into the grammatical part, he or she loses track of the original essence of the plot.
  • Readers feel offended or even cheated. The inaccuracies drive them crazy. They put down the book, after struggling through a couple of pages. 
  • You lose your probable precious audience, in the process.
  • You’ll not be able to make profits. Complicated or wrongly formed sentences puts off the reader’s interest.
  • Children are often advised to read a lot of books even e-book conversions ones. So authors are responsible towards these young citizens, for providing them with good comprehension and correct grammar.

Here are some of the tips for writing interesting, uncluttered pieces in correct English.

  • Writing wrong grammar brings about completely different meanings sometimes. Check whether the meaning implied by the sentence is exactly what you intended to. 
  • Writing very long sentences, with a lot of conjunctions (but, and, if) or commas, semi-colons etc. may bore the reader. So make sure to write shorter sentences for longer attention span of the audience.
  •  Arranging paragraphs is another factor which goes a long way in keeping the readers, glued on to a book. Thus, arrange the paragraphs judiciously.
  • Many a times, homophones play tricks. Pay attention to that.
  • Some plots, demand wrong grammar in some dialogues, to make it appealing. So, do not put the integrity of your story at risk.

Someone once said, “A good writer is the one who knows the difference between -they are, there, they’re and their.”

But typos may happen & you’re likely to miss them. Moreover, don’t you agree, editing is a tedious process.

Therefore, let your creative juices flow to create some engrossing reading stuff; hire book designer as White Magic Studios to make it beautifully palatable to your readers (after editing & proofreading). Let the best self-publishing companies, UK be your second set of eyes and hands. Depend on them for all other self-publishing needs such as book illustration design and e-book conversion.