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All about White Magic Studios

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It’s normal to feel intrepid. No character ever set off on their journey without a little apprehension. But, you’re not alone.

Here at White Magic Studios, we have extensive experience in transforming the finished draft into a book ready for the market. Nor are we constrained by genre or fiction. We do the works. So, whether you’ve just finished your latest novel, children’s book, or a work of nonfiction, we know how to tailor your book, so that it speaks to your audience.

All about White Magic Studios

What Do You Get For £790?

Our Starter package covers all the aspects you require to self-publish your book.

  • 100% Royalties – That is correct. You will get 100% NET royalty
  • Typesetting – Professional typesetting of your book
  • Cover Design – Customised Cover Design which will justify the genre of your book
  • Sales Dashboard – Track your book sales through our Author Dashboard
  • Ownership – You will retain 100% Ownership
  • ISBN – You will be allocated a unique ISBN for your book
  • Promotional Material – 3d Book Image to promote your book on various social media platforms
  • Global distribution – Distribution to all major international retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Waterstones and more.
  • Reorder the print copies - The ability to reorder your book, starting from just one copy!
  • Payments – You can split the cost.

How It Works?

First, we’ll scour the books for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Once our team of editors and proof-readers have polished the text to perfection, they hand over to our layout team.

Sure, a book is just words on a page. But how they’re arranged can revolutionise the reading experience. We’ll discuss how you want the finished product to look. We’ll add in footnotes and graphs, illustrations and eye-catching quotes.

Finally, once you’re happy with the finished work, we’ll build your online presence. We’ll create a website and help build an email list. We’ll help you to create a hype for your launch. Then, we’ll reveal your book to the world.

Recently Published Books

All about White Magic Studios

Rupert and The Silly Bugs

By Rupert & Gurvinder Glenholme

All about White Magic Studios

Joshua’s Story - Our Gorgeous Boy

By Brinny Welton

All about White Magic Studios

Curious Charlie Goes To The Zoo

By Tim Robbins

All about White Magic Studios

Bram’s Bonkers Bed – The Battle of The Nile

By David Coates

Happy Clients

This has been my first experience of publishing a book.
Varun and the team have been patient and helpful in their guidance.
I have always felt that they have had my best interests at heart and they have always presented themselves in a professional and constructive manner.

Happy Clients
David Coates
Author of Bram’s Bonkers Bed Series
All about White Magic Studios

Let’s turn your script into a book to hold and behold.
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Find the Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here

Got more questions? We have answered some of the most common questions that may arise in your mind. If you still have more, you can simply get in touch with us.

  • Just fill up the form or call us and we will have a (no-obligation) chat to discuss your book.
  • Once we have decided to publish your, will share with you a book cover design questionnaire. You can fill and send it back to us and our designing team will start working on the cover.
  • We will allocate an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your book.
  • We will format your book as per professional standards and share a sample layout of the book. Once you approve the layout we will start working on the whole book.
  • We will sign an agreement, once the design and layout of the book are finalized.
  • We will list your book for major international retailers like Amazon (Worldwide), Barnes & Noble, Flipkart etc.
  • We will register your book to the 6 major libraries in the UK.
  • You will start getting royalties. The royalties are calculated as Retail price - Production cost - Retailer discount.
Yes, we can provide you with individual services as well.
We will recommend you to opt for one of our self-publishing packages as they are highly cost-effective. However, if you wish to select individual services then the costs are as below:
  • Typesetting – It costs you £500 for up to 50,000 words.
  • Book Cover Design – It varies between £180 to £350 depending upon the complexity.
  • eBook Creation – It costs you anywhere between £150 - £495
  • Full copyright over titles
  • Earn more royalties from your book
  • Get published faster
  • You decide the design of the book cover and layout of the book
  • Access to a professional editing team
  • A dedicated Co-ordinator to speak to whenever you need
  • Full control over digital storage of the book manuscripts and artwork
  • Full Control over the Marketing of your book
Post-publication your book will be available for print on a print-on-demand basis. This means that your book is printed whenever there is an order, which means literally ‘on demand’. Now you do not need to invest huge amounts in printing copies nor storing them at your office, warehouse or home. This reduces the investment and your book never goes ‘out of print’.
Yes, we do provide marketing services. Please contact us to check various options available with us for marketing your book.
Yes, once we have received the script, we can recommend you the book size.
Yes, you can promote your book on our website. Just record a short 45 seconds to 1-minute video with your book and send it to us and we will display it on our website.
No, you can split the payment into stages.

How to get started

So, don’t leave your book in a folder, cold on your hard drive. Don’t let the publishing houses decide your future. Share your book with the world! Go out and find your readership. And you don’t have to do it alone. We can’t wait for you to get in touch!

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