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Benefits of Self Publishing

4 Benefits of Self Publishing

In the tug of war between self-publishing and traditional publishing the viable reasons will always support the former option. From debutant authors to successful authors, they stand in favour of self publishing books UK or anywhere else enjoying the freedom of creativity and fast printing or eBook publishing on Amazon or any such platform. 

From children’s books to adult cookbooks, in whichever genre the writers are creating their books- they prefer Amazon book publishing UK which is an incredible self-publishing option for eBooks. However, collaborating with a reputed self-publishing agency in the first place can reduce half of their work. 

These agencies have eBook converters, editors, book cover designers, layout creators, ghostwriters, marketing professionals and so on offering one-stop publishing solutions. To experience hassle-free self-publishing, nothing can compete with such outstanding professional support from experts. 

Check out four benefits of self-publishing

Creativity controlled

Opting for Kindle self publishing or even self-publishing paperbacks or hard copies of your new book empowers you to manage your creativity. Being the boss, you are the ultimate decision maker starting from the book cover designs to finalizing the editing. 

The four stages of publishing-writing, editing, designing and printing can be totally controlled by you. Unlike traditional publishing houses that are criticized for taking away any power from the writer for printing their book, you can enjoy being a self-boss by choosing to self-publish your book. 

Even with a limited budget, you can publish a few copies and share them among close friends, relatives, students etc. If the content is gripping then many bookshops can agree to showcase your book. Online platforms like Amazon or Google Play provide excellent opportunities to showcase your self-published book whether in the form of eBooks or hardcopies. 

Pricing control

The traditional publishers decide the pricing when they print and sell the book. Usually, they maintain a higher profit margin as they have to maintain management, pay the workers etc. But as a self-publishing author, you can be ready to reach the bestselling list by selling your book with a gripping plot for a dollar or something. EBooks are considerably much less costly than the hardcopies or paperbacks.

Even you can charge the paperbacks and hard copies of the printed versions of your new book according to your will. As a new writer, you can treat readers with fresh plots at quite a negligible amount. The aim is to make the book a bestselling one and grab the attention of publishers that will be ready to publish your next books or will want to buy rights to the present book selling hundreds of copies.

By following the footsteps of your precursors, you can become a successful self-publishing author.

Your decision is the final decision for the book layout & cover designs

The self-publishing company that you hire can appoint a book cover designer to create the layout and cover designs for your book. Enjoy the freedom of selecting a book cover design UK for your eBook and another one for the paperbacks or hardcopies. Though the theme is same, sometimes the printed books demand more clarity on the cover designs. Therefore, you can decide to have separate cover designs for both versions of the book. 

Plan the marketing & promotions accordingly 

Taking professional guidance for planning the marketing will be more rewarding. However, if you are well-versed with the present-day marketing trends and how to allure potential customers to buy your book then you can design the outline of each step of the marketing or promotional campaign accordingly.

You can start by launching a website where you can out details about the upcoming book. Add the trailer of your book and post the first few pages that will increase the interest among readers and if the plot interests them they will buy the book.

Start hype on social media by creating a group and posting interesting topics where you can welcome more interested readers that keep sharing and posting their views on the topic of discussion.

Social media plays a strong role in making anything viral. Take advantage of this incredible tool to connect with readers from all around the world to publicize your upcoming self-published book.