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5 Famous Self-Published Books

Publishing a book is a dream of most writers eager to reach out to readers who would read and appreciate their works. Often some enthusiasts become “accidental writers” and utilize an opportunity to print the randomly scribbled manuscript in the form of a book! Fortunately, many of them created history by selling millions of copies and became bestselling authors in the future. If you also want to publish a book but find it difficult to impress the acclaimed publishing companies, then collaborating with a reputed self-publishing company UK is the ultimate step you can take. 

Self-publishing is a growing industry and looming large faster than expected. With the incredible freedom that the writers receive, many popular authors are now stepping forward to self-publishing their books to enjoy more feasibility and bag more profits. 

Get expert ghostwriters to create your manuscript, collaborate with expert editors, find a children’s illustrator for hire, and even get the opportunity to work closely with professional book cover designers at the self-publishing company. 

Let’s find out about the five famous self-published books, that sold millions of copies worldwide—


The home-schooled Christopher Paolini created his character Eragon and the fantasy world when he was fifteen. At the age of nineteen, with strong family support, Paolini self-published the book and quickly grabbed the attention of young readers with a successful launch with an in-person appearance. He even sat with his book dressed in one of the characters of the book and performed multiple book reading sessions to draw the attention of more potential readers. Eventually, Eragon became the foundational book of the Inheritance Cycle series and earned a global reputation by selling millions of copies worldwide. The self-published book created a history by being constantly visible for 121 weeks on the New York Times Children’s bestseller list. A movie was made in 2006 followed by a video game in the same year.

Legally Blonde

Many of us remember the incredible acting by Reese Witherspoon in the famous Hollywood movie of the same name and its sequel. Amanda Brown got the inspiration to write Legally Blonde while attending law school herself. The book was published in 2001 and became quite popular as a self-published book

If you have such an appealing manuscript ready convert it into an eBook and try your luck in Amazon Publishing UK to self-publish the book. At present writers are blessed with such incredible online platforms to grab the attention of potential readers easily.

Fifty Shades of Grey

The tale of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele created the sensational self-published book series by E. L. James. Being a magnum opus trilogy in the erotic genre, Fifty Shades of Grey successfully created ripples among readers globally. Readers gulped the three books like anything for the gripping thrilling and sensual content!

Following immense success, the writer sold the rights of the book to Vintage Books in 2012 for a whopping amount. The commercial success of the book inspired Hollywood to take the unthinkable step of turning it into a motion picture. Fortunately, the movies also tasted commercial success.

The eBook version of the trilogy is also selling like hotcakes even today. Today’s authors convert book to ebook versions to grab the attention of readers who prefer reading digital copies!

The Shack 

William P. Young prefers calling himself an “accidental writer” as he had no plans to publish it when he wrote The Shack. He printed fifteen copies and shared them with close friends and families. Luckily, the family members and friends also kept sharing the book with their close ones and gradually the book became popular. The book was sold over 3.8 million copies globally and in 2017, a movie was made with the same story.

The Wool

This self-published science-fiction series by Hugh Howey is a direct Amazon Kindle publishing that quickly made its spot in the bestselling category. The author also achieved the position among the bestselling eBook writers as his series of five books witnessed a flood of $150,000 every month. The jaw-dropping success of the series caught the attention of big publishing houses and finally, Howey came to a hybrid negotiation deal with Simon and Schuster that agreed to pay him a six-figure advance and retain his digital publishing rights.

So, if this article inspires you, go forward and try your luck in self-publishing. Your name can also be counted among the best-selling self-publishing authors in the future!