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5 Important Services required for Self-Publishing

Deciding to self-publish your next book can open the doors of new possibilities for you as a writer. Platforms such as Amazon self-publishing UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries provide an excellent opportunity for budding writers to connect with potential readers of the same genre. 

You can also start your journey by publishing the eBook editions of your book to find out the response among digital readers. If the result is positive then consider investing more in printing a certain volume of the book for non-digital readers.

Self-publishing is a promising strategy that most writers are embracing these days. Mostly new writers face denial from publishing houses as they lack the reputation that bestselling writers do. To overcome the rejection gloom, some authors showed the audacity to take the initiative to publish their books with a reputed agency, known for providing good self publishing UK services. With a ready manuscript, you can come forward with the idea to self-publish your book. 

Team up with a renowned self-publishing agency that has already published quite a few bestselling books and eBooks. Usually, these agencies have every professional you need for publishing a book from editors to book cover designers.

Here are the five services required for self-publishing—

Book cover/layout designing

Book cover design and layout services stand among the most crucial parts of publishing. Renowned self-publishing companies have experienced book cover designers who have previously designed covers for several bestselling books and eBooks. Having such professionals in your book publishing endeavour can be rewarding.


Ghostwriting is a significant service offered by self-publishing agencies. They are connected with ace ghostwriters capable of writing a manuscript on the writer’s behalf and taking it to the position of a bestselling book.

If you find it time-consuming to finish a manuscript that you started and are eager to get it finished by a professional then ghostwriting is the ultimate service you can take.

Also, hiring a ghostwriter is justifiable if you have an excellent plot in mind and you need a writer to draft it. Allow the self-publishing agency to appoint a highly skilled and experienced writer to write the draft on your behalf. In the next stage, you can decide whether to publish it in an eBook format or a printed one.


The manuscripts need professional editing to improve their readability. When you decide to self-publish your book, you have the freedom to accept or deny the editing done by the professional. Finally, the book will be published with the final editing done by your approval.

Publishing houses have a tendency to slash down certain portions of your writing that might disrupt the creative spree you showcased in your writing. However, when you self-publish you can stop letting the editors do that. Even if they make some changes, you can decide whether to follow their path for the reader’s sake or stick to what you wrote.

Like the way you find book designer, apply the same skill in finding the editor by checking out if they have been a part of bestselling books beforehand.

EBook conversion 

Your decision to publish and promote an eBook will take your self-publishing endeavour to the next stage! This is the golden era of the digitalized world where certain sections of millennials and Generation Z or Alpha prefer reading on their Kindle or mobile phones. If your target audience belongs to these generations then launching an eBook version of your next self-published book will be an excellent idea.

Hire a professional eBook conversion expert from the agency for the best work done!

Illustration services

Children’s book writers hire professional illustrators to create the drafts. If you’re writing a children’s book then you might need expert illustrators to work for you.

Check a few samples of their previous works. It would be great if you get the chance to work with an illustrator with the bestselling books. If not, you never know how talented some new illustrators are who haven’t yet debuted in any book. Have a close discussion with them about your work and if you like their samples, giving the new talents an opportunity can be excellent for both of you. Get the job done at a lucrative price and also pave the path for new talents to get recognized.

 These are the five services highly required for self-publishing.