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7 Things to Do When Book Self-publishing UK

Have you decided to go for book self-publishing UK instead of approaching the popular publishers? Self-publishing is an encouraging process that allows many hidden talents to see the sunlight across the United Kingdom and globally. You can also be one of the reputed and bestselling self-publishing authors with appealing content followed by an impressive book cover design and effective marketing strategies.

Whether you have a manuscript ready with you or not, connect with a renowned self-publishing agency in London, such as White Magic Studio ensuring the best publishing services from ghostwriting to offering book illustrators for hire at convenient rates. Despite printing the books, also use digital platforms such as Amazon or Google to publish digitized copies of your new book for online readers that prefer using Kindle, tablets, laptops or smartphones for reading new content.

Here are the 7 things to do when Self-publishing a Book in the UK—

Tie up with a self-publishing agency 

Start your journey by finding and collaborating with a self-publishing agency in London or wherever you stay in the UK. Quite a few reputed agencies across the UK are showing maverick skills in their creativity in the self-publishing industry and enriching it day by day.

Tying up with such a renowned agency can help you achieve a successful endeavour by self-publishing your upcoming book. They prefer calling their company a studio by offering myriad publishing services from editing to creating cover designs.

Go for Self-Publishing-Save Time & Earn More

Instead of wasting your precious time by visiting popular publishing companies, go for self-publishing and if the book reaches the status of a bestseller by creating ripples among readers of that genre, a big publishing house might show interest in buying the rights. Many self-publishing authors have tasted this success and got offers from film producers too. You might achieve that pinnacle if the book is loved by readers and is ideal for a film adaptation.

Don’t worry if the manuscript is not ready- Try Ghostwriting Services 

If you have an incomplete manuscript and finding it difficult to finish because of time constraints or creative drainage, opt for ghostwriting services. Top self-publishing companies provide ghostwriting services for their clients. Even if you have a great concept in mind but lack a professional writing grip, hiring a ghostwriting professional is the best idea.

Focus on creative book cover designing

While the manuscript is getting ready and you know about the overall fiction or non-fiction, collaborate with one of the best professional book cover designers to create the cover designs. Also, you have to focus on three layers of cover designs of the printed copies of the new book including the book layout structure. Follow the footprints of the recently self-published bestsellers to get an idea of how to create the book layout and the book cover designs to make your book more accepted among the readers.

Work with a genre-specific cover designer for the best outcome 

Working with a genre-specific cover designer will bring you more success when self-publishing your next book. They know how to use the typography and colours in creating the cover designs. Writers can add the bestselling logo, reviews from newspapers, author’s bio etc. on the cover strategically to increase the interest among readers to pick the book from the rack and buy it.

Hire a book illustrator when it’s children’s book

Children’s book writers thinking of adding illustrations to their books have to look for experienced children’s book illustrators for hire UK.You also have to talk to the agency to assign you a book illustrator with work experience for quite a few bestselling children’s books.

Create an impactful marketing strategy with experts 

In the final phase, when the book is ready or in the process of getting printed or digitally published in an eBook version, start promoting it through omnichannel marketing. With a handsome budget, hiring a marketing company, experienced to promote books can bring you more buyers. You can also do it on your own by creating a website and profiles on multiple social media sites from Facebook to Instagram. Make reels and stories to promote your book. Use keywords and key phrases with more hashtags to reach out to more readers.