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How to Get Children’s Book Published in the UK?

It’s one of the toughest jobs to write a children’s book. If you have successfully completed the manuscript by slipping into the shoes of the toddlers, you must have aced the maverick skills of excellent creativity clubbed with a storytelling spree for the young readers. Publishing a children’s book from an acclaimed publisher might be time-consuming as they have thousands of copies lined up to read and finally decide which one to publish. To stay away from the tough competition, you can connect with a self-publishing agency in the UK and start working with them to publish the book either on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or in printed formats. Work closely with a children book illustrator to draw the illustrations following your instructions and the characters you created.

Publishing a Children’s Book in the UK has a few steps

Create the manuscript by following the trend 

Similar to adult authors, children’s book writers also keep themselves updated with the current trends among the young audience. They often work with market researchers before penning down the book to gather fresh information on the trends ruling the young book readers’ world. Right now unicorns, dragons, horses, anime etc are some of the hot characters that most kids prefer having in their books.

Make sure despite keeping such characters in your manuscript you should also keep them on the book front cover design to drive the attention of the target audience.

Hire a Ghostwriter 

If you have a great idea but lack the writing ability like the professionals then hiring a ghostwriter will be the best option. The self-publishing agency you have partnered with can appoint a children’s book ghostwriter to complete the final draft of your book. Sign up a ghostwriter with experience to write bestselling children’s books in the UK, for the best results.

Work with the book illustrators 

Children’s book demands the involvement of an ace book illustration professional. You can either hire a freelancer or rely on the self-publishing agency claiming to provide the best book illustration professional for drawing the lifelike images for your children’s book. Choose among the variations they have expertise in. By following the Japanese Manga trend you can ask the illustrator to create the designs like that or else go for the traditional cartoon characters.

Cover design of the book

As the book cover exhibits what lies inside the book, team up with experienced and genre-expert book cover designers UK for your upcoming children’s book. Let the expert create the front cover, spiral and the back cover of the book. With a perfect blend of attractive images and typography, let the professional book cover designers go beyond their limits to etch the exact cover designs you have been looking for. You have the option to ask them to add and eliminate something including the colour combinations.

You can have separate cover designs for eBooks and printed versions of the same book.

Today, readers are more attracted by the cover designs than the story. Even for non-fiction, they get enticed by the covers first before deciding to pick up the book and buy it.

Layout design

If you are printing the children’s book then you need a strategic layout design of the book. Children’s illustrated books are often found in bigger sizes. For the toddlers, you can even craft the layout as a big flower, leaf, dinosaur, and so on. The layout design should be strategically designed considering the age group of the toddlers.

Publish the book on Amazon

You can choose Amazon to publish your book in the UK. As an indie author you can seek a less expensive way to publish the book Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is an incredible way to upload the eBooks in an ePub file format. You can earn from the eBook format of your new book. Also, you can sell printed books on Amazon.

A strategic promotion is necessary 

Your young audiences will hardly know anything about marketing or promoting their bestselling books. You can thus target the local children’s hospitals, crèches or daycare centres, schools, etc. for free book reading sessions. Interested toddlers will ask their parents to grab a copy of your book if they like it.

Teaming up with the best self-publishing agencies can eliminate multiple responsibilities as they know how to strategically perform the relevant tasks to successfully publish the children’s book.