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How to Self-Publish your Book?

Self-publishing is often chosen by many successful writers these days by dodging the myth that it was only the way out for new or unsuccessful writers to print their manuscripts usually, rejected by the traditional publishers. If you have got your final manuscript ready and intend to publish it, despite wishing to print the book under the banner of an acclaimed publisher, you can visit a self-publishing company offering a wide array of services to writers from editing; eBook conversion to book cover design services by experts who have already designed many bestsellers of the same genre.

Reasons to Self-Publish your Book

  1. More freedom of Book Publishing- Be your own boss

Like many writers, if you find visiting the traditional publishers tedious then self-publishing is your option when thinking to get the manuscript printed. Frankly, listening to the dos and don’ts of the traditional publishers as a list of conditions to agree upon before signing up the deal is suffocating for most writers.

If you don’t belong to the group that obeys unconditionally to whatever the traditional publishers suggest then self-publishing is your ultimate option where you can independently publish your book without the involvement of anyone else.

 You can be your own investor and decide the whole publishing starting from book cover designing to planning the layout on your own along with the team you hire.

  1. Opt for eBook Conversion- Increase your digital fan-base

You can decide to release the book on the digital platform. Connect with more readers by publishing the e-copies of your book. Invest in eBook conversions to develop your digital fan base.

If you study the Amazon e-book selling analytics and how the new books reach the bestseller racks-you’ll hardly give a second thought about investing in eBook conversion of your new book. Before the paperbacks get displayed in the bookstores, let the targeted readers start reading the digital copies and post reviews.

The eBooks can make your self-publishing venture a successful one and you can reach out to the ranks of the bestselling authors on Amazon or any such recognized platform.

  1. Choose your own team of Book Cover designers

The effect of freedom continues to choosing your preferred book cover designers as you opt for self-publishing. Unlike the previous times, self-publishing authors enjoy the feasibilities of selecting their own book cover designers or illustrators, or editors.

You can do the same by joining hands with the experts at the book publishing studio you selected. Usually, the top-ranking studios take pride in having the most talented designers on board showcasing their creativity on the book cover layouts they design for many successful self-publishing writers.

Reaching out to such a potential designer will earn you more readers as the book cover designers know how to impress today’s readers with an attractive cover design of the books of the genre they prefer picking up from the book cakes showcased in different books stores.

A successful cover also draws readers from the e-commerce platforms despite the astounding discounts or free delivery options they are offered with.

  1. Get your own Book Illustrator when writing a Children Book

The studio that you hire can offer you book illustration services by experts with extensive know-how of recent illustrations, particularly for children’s books.

If you’re writing a book for children or teenagers where you need to incorporate illustrations of different characters, you need the support of a talented a highly creative book illustrator with whom you can team up.

Allow this person to know about the story in detail so that they can use their creative skills while drawing the images and offer you the exact illustrations you want for your young readers.

To self-publish your book successfully, you need to do a few things like

Collaborate with a reliable self-publishing company

Start with finding and hiring a reliable and highly recommended book publishing studio or a self-publishing company working passionately with budding and accomplished writers. With their assistance, editing to create the book cover can be done successfully.

Before hiring the company, you can check the previous books they published and see how many of them come under the category of bestsellers. The constant guidance from the experts working in these companies will help you successfully print the book.

Hire a marketing agency 

For promoting the new book, the professional support of a marketing agency is necessary. Hire an expert marketing team that will strategically find out the target audiences. Later on, through email marketing and social media promotions, they can reach out to them to increase more awareness and power up the sales quotient.

Today’s marketing agencies depend more on online omnichannel promotions to easily reach out to potential customers. In the initial days when you’re struggling to create a place of your own among successful writers in the same genre, the promotional activities will help you acquire that position.

Starting from creating a website of your new book to adding blog sites, the marketing agencies do their best to brand the book.

The online promotional activities include PPC marketing, social media promotions, SEO, blogging, and content optimizations across various channels.

Research on your readers 

As a writer, knowing the pulse of your readers is essential. Read as many bestsellers as you can in the same genre to find out the factors that acquired so many readers.

Even though you have hired a marketing agency to work on your behalf, understanding the readers’ pulse will be essential for you as a writer. In the future, the opinions of the readers will help you improve not only your pen but also excel your thought process and creativity.

Check the social media posts to see the comments. To maintain transparency, keep the comments of the readers visible on blog sites to allow more readers to know about how they are thinking about your new book or the blog you have crafted based on your new self-published book.

Finally, you can fix a date to uncover the book. You can choose your website or can choose a venue to launch your newly self-published books by inviting the press and guests.