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Self-Publishing companies have a plethora of services to offer- Let’s explore

Lately, have you been thinking to publish a recently written manuscript? Though writers seeking fast recognition and best sales experience set up meetings with eminent publishing houses, you can go off the flow and choose to self-publish your new book. Now you might ask why I should shoulder the whole responsibility of self-publishing that also includes the financial investments. The answer would be simple- it’s your book and let an accomplished self-publishing company help you to be your monarch to publish your book. Celebrated book publishing studios across the UK are preferred for being the one-stop shop when it comes to publishing a book with new thoughts and the potentials to allure a new set of readers. From book layout services to book editing, reviewing, eBook converting, drawing illustrations and sometimes offering complete marketing solutions these self-publishing companies are ready to be your Merlin creating magic!

There is always a first time and if this is about to be your first self-publishing endeavour, you might wonder about the different services the self-publishing companies offer to their clients. Before choosing and hiring such a company to shoulder the publishing of your new manuscript, you can explore the various services they have got in store. Select the company assuring you the best and the most relevant book publishing services under the same roof so that you don’t have to look for similar services at any other place.

Here are some of the significant services that the eminent self-publishing companies have to offer—

 Book Cover Design

There was a time when the saying that- “don’t judge a book by its cover” was what people meant. With time, the concept of choosing a book has changed 360 degrees. The present-day book shoppers primarily focus on attractive book covers and they judge the quality of the writing or the efficiency of the writers based on the book cover. That’s why while you are about to step into self-publishing, focus more on choosing the company that boasts on their highly experienced team onboard offering guaranteed book cover services considering the genre of the book.

While you are in the process of hiring a book cover designer, do a few things, such as—

  • Have a chat with the professionalsand discuss the book you want in hand. It’s not only the genre that they should focus on while designing the cover of your new book, they must understand the theme. 
  • You need to check whether the designers have the goodwill to create the covers of many commercially successful books including bestsellers. If budget is no constraint, hiring a highly creative book cover designer or a team from a recognized book publishing studio will help you move quite a few laps in acquiring the rank of bestseller. 
  • The creative designers remain updated with the cover designing trends. Considering the new styling methods with typography and images, they create attractive cover designs for self-publishing books. If you being the writer want to add something more to the cover designs, you can ask them to do the same and together you can mutually agree on the final design whether to be used for the paperbacks or eBooks. 
  • Pick the colour combination wisely. Make sure the colour has a close contrast with the theme of the book. Allow the professional designers to help you choose the most accurate colour combination after checking the cover designs of the newly published books of the same genre or category. 

An alluring book cover design is the primary weapon of the marketing team. Therefore, the book cover designers have an extra responsibility when it comes to promoting the book. You can also announce a date to uncover the font of your new book. Many readers wait for the covers of the books of many successful writers.

Book Illustration Services

The self-publishing companies or studios provide book illustration services. Today’s illustrators use software to draw life-like images to draw the attention of young readers. You can even take the initiative to storytell children the stories of classic novels by adding more illustrations often found in the books of Enid Blyton and other writers.

Check out as many samples as you can of the illustrators before giving them the chance to shoulder the responsibility of drawing the illustrations for the children’s book you have written. Make sure, they have already earned the goodwill for drawing illustrations of more than a few bestselling books.

EBook Designing & Conversion 

If you target eBook readers then converting the manuscript into digital copies will be more effective to drag more readers. Like many successful writers, reaching the position of the bestsellers is possible with eBooks. Make sure the studio is efficient in transforming the manuscript into eBooks and sell on various platforms from Amazon to so many others.

Make the kindle readers happy by offering them the first few pages of free samples. This will be more effective to boost more sales. After reading the first ten pages for free, if the readers grow interested to read more, they will click on the Buy Now tab and purchase the eBook on Amazon.

Marketing Solutions 

There are very few companies that shoulder the liability to market the book. You can connect with such a studio offering similar services despite creatively designing the website for your book.

Though digital marketing is the key to promoting any book these days, allow the experts to strategize different other methods to reach out to the target audience with the priority to increase the sales.

Editing Services

Acclaimed self-publishing companies offer editing services by industry experts. Even after reviewing the manuscript, if you want a final checking, investing in professional editing services will ensure ROI after publishing the book.

When you intend to self-publish a book, know the plethora of services they offer.