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Is E-book conversion Avenue for Revenue?

Is E-book conversion Avenue for Revenue?

Doubt: Why bother about getting a physical book converted into an e-book? Doesn’t it implicate extra charges?

Clarification: It definitely is chargeable (if done individually). But imagine if the revenue coming from e-book conversion is 100 fold. Would you still not care? Moreover, if you go for an all-inclusive publishing services from a self- publisher, the charges will be negligible or it could be freeeee.

Doubt: But I love holding a hard paper book & reading it. I like the font in it.

Clarification: Don’t worry dear, you will have the same, even better experience of reading. In an e-book, you can even change the font,have a better experience of illustrations, etc. 

Isn’t it a bargain, then!

Let’s go into the details why it makes sense to opt for e-book conversions.

Let’s understand, what is an E-book?

Hard copy books have physical pages. E-books are non-editable books which you can read on digital platforms such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. and with better experiences than the physical ones.

Well, how is it made?

In a layman’s terms, it may be told that conversion professionals will convert your Word, PDF, InDesign or other popular digital document to produce the highest quality files for viewing on every tablet, and smartphone.

Okay! What else can be done on an e-book?

A book illustration agency will take care of the visual elements of your book, which are images, charts, graphs, tables, drawings, photographs, and more.

Now, how to proceed?

By entrusting an e-book designer such as White Magic Studios with your manuscript for all the publishing requirements such as proof-reading, editing, formatting, layout, front cover design, etc. for your e-book. You may approach a publisher who goes for automated (e-book conversion) ones, but it’s doubtful that you’ll be happy with the results.

A responsible self-publisher will create a file, which is tested on actual e-readers for an ensured performance. You’ll be sent a proof to review.

Else you could DIY the pre conversion process as well.

Are there any options available in e-book conversions?

There are options of  

E-PDF: Here it works like a print PDF and is best viewed on a larger screen (computers).

E-pub/Mobi: Are the most popular & has user defined settings. E-Pubs can be read on most devices &Mobi can only be read on a Kindle/Amazon service.

Extensive mark-up language (EML): It is human readable as well as machine readable (not so popular).

The mostimportant question is-why e-books?

From an author’s perspective, it’s “Avenue for revenue”. Simple!

Also, e-book publishing service can help to reach a large number of readers in a short span of time.

New writers can expand their audience by sharing their e-books online. You may include a part of your book, (say book cover) in your website. A great book cover maker can work wonders.

Rich multimedia can be added for better marketing of your book. A great e-book designer enhances the reading experience by enhancing the quality of audio & video content.

From the perspective of an audience, the benefits are plenty.

  • You can carry an e-book anywhere with you to provide a quality fill-up time because it’s easily accessible.
  • Can be obtained globally anywhere.
  • It is cheaper.Because there are no charges for transport, paper, printing, storage, etc.
  • Space requirement has been minimized extremely.A huge library can be squeezed into a kindle.
  • You can buy an e-book immediately (within seconds) after the book has been released. This utility came in very handy during the pandemic, since transportation was difficult.
  • No scope for any wear and tear.
  • Hence new markets and extra avenues are now available to those who opt for e-book conversion services.

Approach professionals to create one for you.