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Writers- Sky-rocket your revenue through these optimization strategies

Writers- Sky-rocket your revenue through these optimization strategies

Dear author,

Have you finished working on your first draft?

And now you would like to know about marketing your book!

Well you’re not too late. Before setting out to work, you must have thought of a genre with a target audience in mind, (keeping your own preferences in view). Some genres such as romance are very popular with the female readers. That doesn’t indicate that if you have dived into some other genre, than every hope is lost.

Not, if you know the tricks!

Foremost, tie-up with a books’ self-publishing company for maximizing your benefits. It is suggested that you go for the whole package of editing, proof reading, layouts, illustrations, etc. If you opt for individual services, the cost of making your book will shoot up.

Avoid a traditional publisher if you’re a first timer. Else, you will lose on time, energy, & money too. You will receive peanuts as royalty from a traditional one as compared to the complete royalty from self-publishers. You will be rejected many, many times before you are even considered (doubtful), by a traditional one. You’d surely agree- Time is money.

Pay good attention to the book cover- the face of your book. Readers do judge by appearances. If a book cover is intelligently created by a book cover designer, a passer-by will definitely pick it. We can’t help picking up a book when it has an attractive cover, or when it reveals a bit of what we can expect inside the book. Book-covers are a short-cut, to inform the readers that they can invest their limited and precious time into reading that book. Book-covers contain a lot of effective information in very small spaces. Invest on good book cover designers for a creative book cover to push up your sales exponentially.

Get a website created by experts to maximise your following and hence, sales. Connect with your fans through newsletters, e-mailers, etc. Your self-publisher will help you with this too. A website is a “minimum time investment with maximum benefits” project. Indisputably, authors must own websites as an element of effective book marketing strategy.

Conversion into an e-book is a necessity of the times for more sales & earnings. E-books are those books which you can read on digital platforms such as tablets, smartphones, also laptops, etc. and with even better experiences.Conversion professionals will convert your Word, PDF, InDesign or other popular digital document to produce the highest quality files for viewing on every tablet, and smartphone.

A sure-shot rise in sales will happen through trailers/teasers with animations. Animations is attractive in itself and in terms of the volume of revenue it can earn you. Book authors have used this medium to up-step their profits several-fold.Animation is important because we are able to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way that both small children and adults can understand. 

Insert illustrations inside the book wherever necessary, to make it more attractive. In non-fictions also, graphs & technicalities are better explained by illustrations. Book cover illustrators create exclusive illustrations not only on the cover but also inside as well. Hence writers; illustrations are not only meant for a children’s book but also for books which intends to be picked up by a casual passer-by. The humankind as a whole are more attracted to reading through illustrations than mere words.

These are some of the marketing tricks you may apply to boost your sales.

Self-publishing companies such as White Magic Studios can help you with everything right from book covers, illustrations, layouts, formatting, editing, creating trailers, websites, emailing list, etc. all under the same roof. Marketing also is taken care of; to a large extent by self-publishers.