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writing but before publishing

What to do after writing but before publishing?

First-time writer? You must be damn worried how to proceed with your manuscript now!

Of course! You have done your research. You have also prepared a rough draft. You didn’t go into too many details which enabled you to keep yourself on track.

Now (after writing), you are lost! And that’s natural. The gap between writing and publishing will be a cakewalk if you:

  • Associate with some publishing houses such as White Magic Studios, who help in UK self-publishing. (Traditional publishing houses may reject your manuscript several times. Even if you manage to get through their scrutiny after a couple of years, the royalty earned if any, will be peanuts.)
  • Team up with their experienced, professional editor who can actually convert your rough manuscript into a refined one; erasing all the grammatical errors can also be performed by proof readers.
  • Take into account your feedback from readers, fact checkers, content reviewers, and your editor, to create the best possible final draft from your rough manuscript.
  • Assemble a team of professionals in specialized fields like editing, design and layout, illustrations, e-book converter, book trailers, and marketing. Hire a company that provides all these servicesunder the same roof.
  • Employ expert book cover designers such as White Magic Studios to design a compelling cover get your readers to pick up your books; who have proficient illustration studios as well.
  • Professional reviews give a boost to the sales of your books. They appear on the back of a book and on retailer’s pages too.
  • You will earn more royalty and have more control over your book with companies who support self-publishing.
  • For marketing, consider hiring publishers as White Magic Studiosto make your book available on Amazon and thousands of shelves of libraries.
  • Last but not the least, never lose hope.

Hence once your book is out into the market, it’s not time yet to relax. You should look into making a strong network. Give out e-mails and teasers/trailers to attract audience to your book.

All the best!!!