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A novel on History- not yet history

Creating such a book requires lots of research & creativity, and are a delight to readers if presented properly.

Cos we know, a historical novelhas as its setting; a period of history and that attempts to convey the spirit, manners, and social conditions of that period with realistic details. We also know, the work may deal with actual historical personalities, or it may contain a mixture of fictional and historical characters.

Hence, you have to put in a lot of efforts into writing. Thus you’ve to entrust book designers with all other elements of making it successful by editing, proof-writing, formatting, illustrations, e-book cover designbook cover design, layouts etc. Of course, when you’re writing history you don’t require kids’ book illustrators.

You must have heard that these elements, if incorporated in your book will make it a great one; setting, plot, character, dialogue, conflicts.

What you didn’t know about is; how to be different from other writers of historical fiction. Let’s time-travel and find out:

How to start

If you are confused about what to write, (rather how to start) in a historical novel; spend some time in noting which historical period, character or event charms you most.

Do your homework

Research on very small details such as the usual colour of the shoes, to make your audience even more engrossed; other than of course, the obvious ones.

An interesting entry

Consider placing fictional characters/events into an historical period; or placing a fictional character into a historical event, who experienced the event.

Build a world

World-building makes a historical fiction books more authentic by including balanced, familiar, relatable, exotic details which gives readers a reason to keep coming back.


You can use some words or phrases from the era you’re writing about. But don’t use so much, which makes it difficult for your audience to apprehend.

And the last rule is depend on book publishers to help you with the rest of the book making activities.