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Why bestseller books have a book trailer: And why you should too?

Conversations of an average person nowadays….

A- Hey, did you read the new book by XYZ?

B- No, I dont have the time to read 400 pages..

A- But, what if it’s good?

B- I ain’t got the time to find out if it’s good..

Yes, people have lesser and lesser time! 

But you know what the irony is….

An average person in the US and UK spends 5.4 hours everyday watching video content.

Remember how you feel the time passes very quickly when you’re doesn’t feel like you’re wasting time.. it all feels worthwhile..

Well, that’s what happens when we watch videos..

Our brains process visuals almost 60,000 times faster than text. 

Youngsters don’t have the time to read the news, but when it comes to bingeing their favourite TV show they have all the time in the world. 

Who hasn’t rewatched all 10 seasons of FRIENDS over and over again?

Truth is – We all have the time. 

But only for the things that are engaging and fun, that can capture our short, fleeting attention spans and can grab us by our… minds, of course.

And for authors out there, the challenge is real! 

Getting people to read your books, and that too if your target is the young audience, the millennials, you’re in for a tough ride.

There are solutions for everything. 

Give them what they like… what they have plenty of time for 😉


After all, companies pay billions of dollars for one thing and one thing only –

People’s attention.

Show them BOOK TRAILERS like this one here.

And these too:

The Storm In the North Pole

The Secret In the Enchanted Forest

A good book trailer can go viral overnight and get you thousands of readers.

Why Your Readers & Book Sales Will Love a Book Trailer:

  • Irresistible Clickbait
    It’s hard to not watch a tempting looking, well-designed video that everyone else seems to be enjoying and commenting on.
  • Leaves an impact on the viewer 

When you see people, when you see faces, something happens.. something  stirs…emotions within you. Videos are the best way to make an emotional connection with your audience. 

Introduce the characters of your book in these videos and people will instantly develop a relationship with them.

  • Easy to share

“Hey, I am at a bookstore and I found this amazing book, I think you should check this one out…you will really like it”

What a beautiful scenario for a book lover.

But, who are we kidding.. this doesn’t happen anymore, it’s the “GRAM” world now.

All we do is share posts on Instagram!

About 92 percent of viewers share videos with others. That’s 1200% more shares than images and text combined, so tap that market today.

  • Book trailers are forever

Your book launch is a one-day event.

But, your book trailer will always be there. It’s a one-time investment and you get the fruits forever.. just keep putting it out there, keep sharing it on your social media and website.

That’s the power of video marketing, it doesn’t have a shelf life.

Go Forth and Multiply (The Views)

You’d be amazed to know how many terrible book trailers are out there. While most people still don’t get it, let us regale you with some White Magic expertise. Give us any failed book trailer floating around on the internet and we will show you exactly where it misses the point, which could be:

  • Bad writing
  • Bad sound
  • Low image quality
  • Low production value
  • Doesn’t communicate the tone/genre of the book
  • Continues for way too long

A video is no guarantee that it will be viewed, unless we do a great job of making stunning trailers. This involves:

  • Clear introduction of the concept and characters
  • Short and sweet story-telling
  • Good writing
  • Good background music
  • Professional execution
  • Use of powerful imagery
  • Call to action 

In short, it should leave them craving for more..

And, after you have the perfect trailer ready for your viewers…

After putting so much energy into the video making process, don’t tire yourself and take distribution lightly! It is equally important to put up the video on the right platforms to maximize reach and find every potential reader.

How To Do Your Book Trailer The Right Way

Not all book trailers bring it home…

Remember, it’s not a book, it’s a book trailer. 

So the storytelling has to be different…

Being an author, you have perfected the way of storytelling through words..that’s your strong suit.

Video world is a different ball game…

Very similar to movie trailers, book trailers should have a beginning, middle and an end. Trailers introduce your book and the main characters, and depict your story without giving too much information about it. 

It needs a…







Looks like an exhaustive list, right!

As with everything else in marketing, quality is of supreme importance.

For instance, Soundtrack and Effects. The background track, voiceovers, the length of the trailer and visual effects such as imagery. These technical details apart from your story line make a trailer worth watching and sharing. 

Be aware of the importance of the music in your trailer, if you choose badly it could kill the mood of your trailer and lead it to low success. 

Story and the Premise. The central idea of the book, simply provides a glimpse of how the story would progress. Your book trailer will not narrate the entire story, but should only tease your audience. 

You can leave the trailer at a pivot point to intrigue your audience. Your trailer should also include at least a character, regardless, some trailers fail by being too mysterious and not sharing just the right amount.

You can increase the excitement around your book by attaching a list of phrases, and describing some inciting incidents and world-building details.

As pointed out above regarding the story, your trailer should be able to communicate the basic premise of your novel, without spoiling it.

Get White Magic

But, not to worry, White Magic Studios offers book trailer services…

We can help you get that perfect trailer to tease your readers and market your book up to the success ladder!

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