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Rosomond Webb is a popular author of children’s literature, including periodicals and annuals. Her philosophy is:
“Whereas it is vital that children encompass today’s modern technology, they should also be taught to appreciate and respect the wonder of books - whether it be for educational use or for the pure joy of absorbing themselves in a fictional story.”

White Magic Studios provided the much-needed editing, illustrations, and layout.

Hello, my name is Richard Wellesley. When I retired, I took a course in English literature at the Open University. There were six modules, and one of the models was a module on Children’s literature. It was then that I decided that one day I would write my own book for children. The Hedgehog, the Dog, the Donkey and the Little Girl, this delightful tale is available in both hardback and paperback editions and is perfect for children of all ages. My daughter Rosanna, who's already a successful author and illustrator of children's picture books, encouraged me to write the story, and White Magic Studios provided the much-needed editing, illustrations, and layout. The result is a beautiful book that I'm proud to share with you.
The story follows the journey of a hedgehog who's visited by the ghost of his grandfather, who advises him to leave the hedgerow and make a better life for himself. He teams up with a retired sheepdog and a grumpy donkey, and together they join a failing circus. The friends' brilliant circus acts start to bring in the crowds, and the circus thrives once again.
As a parent and grandparent myself, I understand the importance of reading enjoyable books to children. Too often, books marketed for children can be boring and uninteresting for adults. That's why I was determined to write a book that would entertain both children and adults. White Magic Studios' beautiful illustrations add an extra layer of magic to the story. For example, there's a circus lion thinking he'll lose his job if the circus closes, weeping in the arms of his surprised trainer 'what will become of me?'. And the hedgehog and the dog trying to help the donkey back on his feet after an unsuccessful 'head over heels' roll down a hill, causing mayhem with local wildlife.
I believe that with White Magic Studios' excellent help and advice, I have produced a book that will keep the parent awake while sending the children to sleep with happy dreams. I highly recommend White Magic Studios to anyone who has written a book but needs help with the intricacies of the publishing process. Trust me; they're the best in the business. So go ahead, grab a copy of The Hedgehog, the Dog, the Donkey and the Little Girl, and immerse yourself in a world of magic and wonder.

-Richard Wellesley

Date of experience: April 10, 2023

I really can not praise White Magic…

I really can not praise White Magic Studios enough. It is as simple as that. I have to thank John, Varun and Vrinda for everything they have done. I was mainly looked after by Vrinda and she has been fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble. If anything needed changing or tweaking with my book then it was done without fail. All questions were answered when I was unsure about anything and it has been a very rewarding experience.She has constantly kept me in touch with what is happening and been a star. My book is now out and it is everything I had hoped for. If you are thinking of using White magic Studios then I can say you will not be at all disappointed. They have been that good to me and deserve the 5 star rating I have given them. Thank you WMS.

-Gerry Hogg

Date of experience: February 28, 2023
First and Best of All Publishers

Unlike the several other publishers I have dealt with, in the past, I found White Magic Studios most approachable, most friendly, and always reliable. They are absolute masters of graphic design and have produced the most powerful, eye-catching covers for all 3 of my books I have been privileged enough to publish with them. Their text formatting is also second to none. I give them 5 star ratings across the board.

Harry Aslan (4.8 and 5.0 star rated multiple author)

- Harry Aslanidis customer

Date of experience: December 24, 2022
A Positive Experience

A Positive Experience
From my first phone call, I was impressed by the polite, friendly voice (John) which explained how White Magic Studios (WMS) help authors to self publish their work. All my questions were answered in full and it did not take long for me to decide on this form of publishing.
Once the process was underway, I also had email and phone discussions with Vrinda and John. I can honestly say I was impressed by their courtesy, helpfulness and friendliness in all my contacts. I was allowed to view my work and make comments/alterations throughout the process. Consequently, I was delighted with every aspect of the finished book which included its cover (designed by my grand-daughter), layout and letterings. I have no hesitation in recommending WMS to anyone who wishes to self publish.

- Cathy Waud

Date of experience: January 10, 2023
I am 75 and a first time author

I am 75 and a first time author, I knew nothing about the process. White Magic Studios were the perfect people to produce my book. They took me through it stage by stage. Because I knew so little, I gave poor Vrinda a few headaches, sorry, which she dealt politely and professionally. My book is beautiful and is selling better than I could ever hope for. I will be sending them my second book shortly and look forward to working with Vrinda and John again.

- Robert

Date of experience: November 15, 2022
Quick responses

Quick responses, clear instructions what the process involved and friendly, efficient communication throughout. Progress of book was communicated and I felt in control of its production from start to finish. Editing was prompt. It helped to have a designated person to correspond with who was efficient and encouraging. I was very pleased with the cover design and layout.


Date of experience: December 05, 2022
White Magic Studios your amazing

White Magic Studios has made my journey of writing my first book such a truly pleasurable experience. Totally throughout with whole process I received regular progress reports extremely thorough and completely so helpful and reliable. I felt I was part of a family and that for me was so comforting. John was the very first person I spoke to and was such a true support really was. Vrinda I have to say was just amazing so thorough and totally made everything so easy for me as a first time writer. An amazing team really are. White Magic Studios genuinely cares for your work and are so sincere in all they do. I highly recommend this amazing company and will be most certainly be using them again. I love them all. Brilliant ❤.

- Rocky Troiani

Date of experience: November 15, 2022
A Little Bit o' Magic

Very efficient and prompt service. Delighted with the design cover and layout and my first fictional novel, A Little Bit o' Magic. My only slight disappointment was the unit printing cost per book, which was more expensive than previous quotes I had been given.
Against this, the fees for publication were highly competitive. All in all, very satisfied and would definitely recommend.
Many thanks to Vrinda and John for all their efforts and all the best for the future.

- Robin Chester

Date of experience: June 15, 2022
A happy and fulfilling experience

I've truly enjoyed working with Vrinda, John and the team at White Magic Studios.
They have listened carefully to my ideas, been patient while I fixed my mistakes, and always been clear on the process.
It's been an enjoyable experience that's helped me to finally realise my ambition and publish a book.

- Mr Vincent Lerigo-Smith

Date of experience: July 21, 2022
White Magic Studios are a Must visit site for all writers and artists.

I found it quite straightforward to prepare the manuscript for my book but the process of formatting it into book form requires a high degree of technical skill. At this point, I contacted White Magic Studios for professional help and for a small fee they agreed to format my manuscript and they even found a platform to sell it from on a global scale! Working with the White Magic Studio staff has been a pleasure throughout the stage-by-stage process. At each stage, good advice was given to carefully build the book step by step towards ultimate perfection. My book has been in the making for over 40 years. Thank you W.M.S. for turning a dream into vivid reality!

- Bill Winship

Date of experience: June 08, 2022
Professional, friendly and respectful

I was very impressed with the services that White Magic Studios offer. They have distributed my novel to all major libraries and bookstores as well as online, and set up an author website, book trailer and so much more.
They have dealt with all aspects of the process very professionally and only proceeded after seeking my approval - they gave me full control throughout.
Vrinda and Ronald were both very friendly and helpful. They were informative and keen to answer any of my questions.
I would gladly recommend White Magic Studios to any authors as they have been outstanding.

- Carl Illingworth

Date of experience: August 27, 2022
Mr. Peel's Posters

Varun, Vrinda and the Team at White Magic Studios have been brilliant. Helping me every step of the way to successfully publishing my book. Mr. Peel's Posters
has allowed me to introduce an important figure in the history of poster making to a wider public.
Their patience and guidance, combined with an eye for detail, has resulted in a book that I am happy to call my own.

- Jon

Date of experience: October 23, 2021
Superb result to a difficult task

I contracted White Magic to design 3 new book covers for 3 of my 8 novels. A quote, timescale and questionnaires setting out the parameters agreed. First drafts were complete within a few days and all requests for changes, most of which were my requests additional to my original concept, were completed quickly and efficiently by WM. I now have 3 new covers which embody the theme of the novels' content and look excellent. Keith Wells

- Keith Wells

Date of experience: September 29, 2020

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